Write It Down

Young female is writing notes and planning her schedule.

When I try something new, I always attempt to write down the experience. Whether it was enjoyable or terrible, years later, I like to look back and remember the memories that I have forgotten. There is a sweet feeling when reminiscing in the past. Despite my desire to describe the situations that I have lived through, I find myself making excuses or simply forgetting to bring my journal. The next day, I am struggling to catch up on what I neglected to transcribe the previous night. Writing down what I have participated in does not require great skill. Usually, it is scrawls that are barely decipherable. It takes me, sometimes, a considerable amount of time to recall the setting which I was in in that moment due to the quality of my hand.[*] Although my scribbles are hard to read, the content that is buried within them is quite simple. I state my experience. There is no need for fancy words or structures because I am not going to publicly parade my writing. It is not about how the page looks or the eloquence of my language; I journal for my own interests and future.

I very much enjoy recollecting the small moments of my past that seemed so gigantic at the time. It gives me a perspective on how to look at where I am going based on my former self. I think the best and most important aspect of keeping my journal is that I can see the work God has done in me. From the moments I felt alone and abandoned to when all I was doing was praising Him are some of the sweetest memories that I will never lose. Reading the scripture that I clung to in that stage of my existence continues to aid in my knowledge of my God and His truths. He has done such work, and writing it all down saves the memory for a new day.

So I continue to journal. I press through my stagnant phases to get something on the page. I know that I do not want to lose the understanding of my situation even if I do not understand it completely yet. If you are thinking about starting a journal, there is never, really, a good, specific time to begin. However, summer or simply beginning on the day you go out and get one can be a nice foundation.

[*] Hand meaning handwriting.

Written by Maddison


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