Choices for Fall Break

1. Restore Yourself Spiritually

It’s no secret that the start of school is a mad dash. In the middle of all the madness, devotional times fall by the wayside. Fall Break affords us extra time to spend with God, read His Word, and talk with Him in prayer.

2. Go to the University Writing Center

Fall Break is a great time start on those pesky term papers. Here at the Writing Center, we assist students in all stages of the writing process. So, no matter how daunting the task, we’ll help you through brainstorming, organization, thesis statements, grammar, formatting, and so on. Come see us, you’ll surely thank yourself when finals role around and everyone else is scrambling.

3. Drink Seasonal Coffees

This Fall Break, checkout Starbucks’s seasonal coffees, but if you’re too hipster for that or if you’re a do-it-yourself type, take a look at this link of specialty drinks:

4. Spend Time with Family

If it’s your first semester in college, this is priority two for you! While your parents and siblings are at work and school, use this time to serve them in a special way. Make your family dinner or take your brother or sister to school. Set-up an outing or in-house event to enjoy quality time with your family.

5. Enjoy A Book for Yourself

You’re half way through the fall semester, and those incomplete summer reads are calling your name. All those books you bought at Half Price when you were feeling really ambitious are now gathering dust, but they’ve been patiently waiting. Find some free time and do some reading for yourself.

6. Take A Mini

Mini Terms are intense classes that condense the content of one semester into one week. Yes, you’ll spend your break week working away, but it is well worth the class credit and knowledge that you can gain. Mini terms allow students to devote their undivided attention to a single subject while quickly advancing in their degree.

7. Tie Up Loose Ends

If you’re falling behind academically, there is no better time than Fall Break to complete assignments that have stack up and finalize projects. Also, many finals are the week after the break, so be sure to study.

8. Select That Winter Wardrobe

It’s never too early to start preparing for the colder months. If you’re new to Dallas, try visiting some of our renowned malls such as the Galleria, North Park Mall, or the Parks Mall in Arlington.

9.Find Pumpkin Recipes

Fall is the season of the pumpkin. To celebrate, try carving some pumpkins and making a dish out of the remains. Baked pumpkin seeds are a personal favorite.

10. Mission Trips

DBU offers many opportunities to share the Gospel domestically and internationally. While the primary reason for going on a mission trip is sharing the Gospel, there are many benefits such as learning about other cultures, gaining experience in travel, and creating new relationships.



Written by: John Brock


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