National Handwriting Day

For most people, the art of writing by hand is a common skill which feels almost instinctive; yet it’s also a personal form of self-expression. The methods and manners by which people write by hand can infer much about their personality, mood, interests, or even their personal history with the craft. I, for one, was taught to write in italics. Consequently, my handwriting is a sloppy mixture of cursive and print. Though it may appear unreadable to some, my handwriting is just that: mine. At this point, it’s such a natural habit that it would be difficult to change, it wouldn’t feel right. Just as thumbprints, birthmarks, and eye color are unique to every individual, handwriting is a craft which though universal is uniquely adopted and changed by each person who learns it. Though capable of being closely mimicked, one’s handwriting cannot be replicated by another individual. As unique as a speaking voice or gait when walking, handwriting is a personalized activity.

According to the ever-reliable hub of miscellaneous information Wikipedia, the act of recording information with written or inscribed words has been practiced for thousands of years. Long before the time of Jesus, even! Of course, over the centuries documenting words has evolved from hieroglyphics and pictographs, to calligraphy, to typing on the latest edition of Microsoft Word. While handwriting may not appear to be a skill for those who are required to learn it, not everyone experiences the privilege of expressing themselves via the written form. Though easily learned, writing by hand is a gift. In article found in The Wall Street Journal, journalist Gwendolyn Bounds states that when children learn to write by hand, swift improvement in motor skills occurs.

In this day and age, typing is all the rage. It’s required for class assignments, daily activities, jobs, and is considered the more efficient method of recording words even when it concerns personal hobbies such as writing poetry. Writing by hand is rarely required in 2016, except when signing one’s signature. Yet many people would do well to try writing by hand for a change. Personally, I find it relaxing, even stress-relieving to spend a few minutes writing by hand. There’s satisfaction in using a seemingly mundane skill to create something pretty. It’s a method by which everyone, despite their abundance or lack of talent, can create something both lovely and useful. Though the act of writing by hand may be scarce these days, pencils and paper still abound. Seize your tool and begin handwriting!

Written by Karoline

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