To Travel or Not to Travel?

It’s the tease before the summer, yet the gladly welcomed rest after returning to school from winter holiday. Spring Break is a weeklong siesta/fiesta that is the turning point for the semester. Many observe this holiday by traveling to beaches around the country to party away the stress from school. Others take the opportunity to answer the call of Jesus and go on mission trips to various cities, states, and countries around the world. Whatever one chooses to do, it is always a sad occurrence when the end of the week draws near, and it becomes a realization that the break can’t last forever.

So before this post gets sappy over a short-lived holiday, let’s talk about the options everyone has. There isn’t a perfect way to spend the break. Depending on who you talk to, millions of ideas could be brought forth on how to best spend your time. Some people party or go on mission trips as stated before. Then, you have those who choose to go home and spend time with family and others who choose to take a class to get ahead.

spring break

Personally, I’ve never been a homebody. When it comes to traveling or going on an adventure, I am the first to volunteer for the ride. It always amazes me to see what sites and experiences lay just outside my hometown. Knowing that the plan is never written in stone creates a sense of wonder and adrenaline inside my bones. However, for many, this is a golden opportunity to sneak away and spend some time resting with their families. They get to sleep in their own beds, or the couch if their room has been refurbished, and have the blessing of a home-cooked meal. It’s a week of bliss and love at home.

Whether you are ahead, behind, or right on track with your major, an extra course can serve as another hill easily conquered on the road to a degree. Who wouldn’t mind spending one week to receive the one to four credits that they would otherwise earn in an entire semester? Yeah, it’s one week meant for rest and relaxation, but it is quite a bit better than the alternative of spending an entire semester over something that could be accomplished in five to seven days. Being an education major myself, I definitely plan on taking advantage of this time in order to take care of a general course requirement.

So whatever you plan on doing for this week of potential euphoria, make it a worth your while. The world is your oyster, and the only thing holding you back is you, or money if you’re a poor college student like me.

Written by Maddison

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