Escaping Summer Boredom

As summer approaches, schedules and living situations will change, and many people may have a job lined up, are planning to travel the world, or will be taking extra classes. Others may plan to catch up on reading or binge watching their favorite shows on Netflix. Some may not have a single idea of what to do with their upcoming summer. Typically, when summer freedom first begins, the usual free-time activities can be quite enjoyable, but as time passes they can become dreadfully boring. Fear not! I decided to come up with a list of a few things to do to escape the summer boredom trap.

The first idea is to learn a new skill. The great thing about learning a new skill is that it can be anything! It could be a party trick or something you can put on your resume. For example, you can learn to juggle, do a backflip, change a tire, fix an engine, write really well, build a website to make money off of, or even learn the ins-and-outs of your computer! Honestly, the list is endless. So, have fun! If you don’t like anything I’ve suggested, you can always search online for goofy or serious things to learn how to do.

The second idea goes along with the first one: learn new recipes or teach yourself to cook if you don’t know how already. There are an uncountable number of recipes on the web, including ones from different cultures. I would suggest, in order to not overwhelm yourself, start with a main ingredient, such as a meat, fruit, vegetable, grain, or dairy product and look for recipes that include the item. If you decide to learn to cook but don’t know where to start, check out cooking websites, or simply search online. Even better, go out and buy a cookbook: any cookbook. Cookbooks have plethoras of recipes for you to choose from and each gives step-by-step instructions on how to make the dish.

The third idea, and my personal favorite, is to go thrift shopping. The most famous thrift shop is Goodwill, but most likely there are multiple hole-in-the-wall thrift shops in your town or city. So, give yourself a price limit, such as $15, and see what inventive outfit or crazy gizmo you can find. Or, you can even look for furniture or decorations for a do-it-yourself project.

Number four: Go camping, stargazing, or hiking. This one probably requires a little planning, especially if you decide to go camping. Grab some friends: pack a tent, clothes, and food, and head out to the country for some camping and bonding. Or, to avoid planning or taking up too much time, take a day trip. Go to local hiking trails and hike as far as you can and watch the stars. If you live in a city, sometimes your roof isn’t a very good place to stargaze because of all the lights from downtown; therefore, I suggest driving outside the city limits. For all three of these, don’t forget to bring your binoculars or even a telescope. Another suggestion is to purchase a map of the stars so you can look for specific constellations.

The fifth idea is to learn about a different culture. You can study one or multiple cultures. Search online, read books, listen to the language, or visit restaurants to try delicious cultural foods. Read about the places you want to travel, so when you do go you’re well prepared. Learning about a different culture helps you gain a new perspective on various ways of thinking and living.

Another idea I strongly suggest is do-it-yourself (DIY) projects or any type of art. Painting, drawing with pen or ink, working with clay, creating two or three-dimensional designs, and coloring books are all crazy fun ways to express yourself and let your creativity run wild. Some DIY projects include the following: turning a t-shirt into a work out tank top, transferring photos onto a slab of wood, glitterizing anything with Mod Podge and glitter, turning an old cowboy boot into a wallet, or wood burning coasters. The list of art and DIY projects is endless. Pinterest has a vast number of projects from which to choose. Pick your favorite and get started.

The seventh and final idea is to develop healthy habits and stop bad ones. Scientists say it takes 28 consecutive days of doing something to make it a habit. One habit I want to work on eliminating is Netflix binge watching. I want to replace it with reading the Bible and studying more. An important thing to recognize is what your unhealthy habits are. Make two lists. One list should be a healthy habits and the other should be unhealthy habits to replace.

This summer I will be working full time and taking classes, but I hope to complete all seven things! Good luck to you and have a wonderful and productive summer!

Written by Cheyanne

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