Thank You

Graduation. One day, it’s four years away, and the next, it hits you like a brick wall to the face. For me, the closer I crept toward graduation, the further away it felt. It was elusive, that coveted cap and gown. It was the end goal. But as my days at DBU come to a close, I realize that a degree is only half of it. The diploma, the tassel, the walk across the stage. All those things can never compare to the four years I spent making late-night food runs with friends, pulling all-nighters to study for exams, getting to know my wonderful professors, joining a sorority to be a part of a sisterhood, breathlessly trekking up the massive hills on campus to get to class, watching friends figure out their exciting futures right alongside me, and working at the Writing Center with my extraordinary coworkers to help students become better writers.

All college students experience many of these wonderful things, but I’m fairly certain not many can claim “best job ever” on their W-4 forms (wait, you can’t do that?). My two years, three months, and one day at the Writing Center have been unimaginably exceptional. Working at the Writing Center has not been merely a job. It has been a privilege and an incredible experience.

It’s hard not to look back on my years at DBU with wistful nostalgia. Just a mere four years has managed to transform me from the naive young girl I was in high school into the (slightly) more confident woman I am today. Four years has managed to change my perspective about many things, and four years has allowed me to forge unbreakable friendships and make unforgettable experiences.

They say you don’t know how good you have it until it’s gone. I can now say that’s true. As my days left at DBU dwindle, I realize how truly good I had it. I had friendships, experiences, and responsibilities, and I wouldn’t trade any of them, good or bad.

I’m going to miss walking up the monstrous hills to the LC (well, only a little bit). I’m going to miss seeing familiar faces as we all enter the chapel at 10am. I’m going to miss the bustle of midweek when the line to Chick-fil-a is out the door. I’m going to miss seeing the smiles of my Writing Center family as I walk in to start my shift. I’ve built up my life here at DBU, and it’s going to be hard to leave that life. But DBU—and the Writing Center—is a foundation to bigger things. DBU is a part of who I’ve become, a part of who I will be, and it’s time to take that new foundation into the future. It’s time to take what I’ve learned from my classes, my sorority, my friends, my organizations, and the Writing Center and take it into a future, albeit uncertain, beyond DBU Hill. Even in the midst of nostalgia and wistful reminiscences, I look forward to the things that are yet to come. So thank you, DBU. And thank you, Writing Center.

Written by Jenna, Graduate of Dallas Baptist University, May 2016

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