Why Anyone Can Be a Writer

As a student, writing has always been a fairly large part of my academic career. From the time that I learned how to write a complete sentence in first grade, it has also been a passion of mine. Writing was a way for me to express myself in a manner that I hadn’t been able to before. Now, I have made the choice for writing to be a part of my career. Long story short, I absolutely love to write. However, I have met many people over the course of my life who have felt the exact opposite; not everyone loves writing the way I do and, I completely respect that. But, because November 15th is national “I Love to Write” Day, I am going to do my best to convince all of the non-writers out there that you, too, can and should become a writer.

Your first question is probably, “Where do I start?” or “What should I write about?” My answer is a simple one: write what you feel. For me, writing is often the best way to make sense of my emotions. If I’ve had a particularly rough day, sometimes just writing it down helps me feel better. Writing can be a great release for a lot of pent up emotions. Whatever type of writing speaks to you personally, whether it be journaling, poetry, songs, prayers, or stories, it can be a way for you to purge those feelings, good or bad. For a person who has little experience with writing, I would recommend journaling. It’s a great way to sort out your feelings and preserve memories that you might have otherwise forgotten. I also like to use it as a way to overcome writer’s block. If I can get myself started writing about something as simple as my day, more ideas will often come to me. Sometimes journaling about things can even give you clarity about a situation that you were struggling with before. Anything can be written about.

The next question you might have is, “Can I still be a writer if I’m not good at writing?” Yes! Yes, you can.  That is usually the number one reservation people have when I talk to them about writing. I struggled for a long time with feeling inadequate as a writer before I figured out the secret; you don’t have to be good. Sure, if you want to write professionally or plan on getting published, you will need a great deal of talent and experience but for personal writing purposes, it doesn’t matter if your word choice is precise or your grammar is flawless. You can write whatever you want, however you want. One of my favorite parts of writing is that there is so much freedom that comes with it. As long as you aren’t writing an academic paper or a published piece, there are no rules. No matter who you are, how you feel or what you say, you can be a writer.

Written by Taylor

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