Why Finals Week is Exhilarating

The words “finals” and “exhilaration” seem completely contradictory. Finals week is dreaded by masses of students each semester. In a way, it unites college kids across the lands because it gives us all something to complain about together. What a lovely concept! But really, though, finals week can and should be both a challenging and thrilling experience. Though the word “finals” has become widely infamous, you can have a far less daunting experience by incorporating a few helpful incentives.

  1. As aforementioned, final exams often bring students together. Consider utilizing the communal pain by forming study groups with existing friends or classmates. Sure, all the work might not get done, but laughing about the process with peers who are going through the same experience is guaranteed to lessen stress levels and provide much needed socialization that might otherwise get neglected.
  2. You get to reward yourself, like, all the time. Next time you want to play a video game, eat some ice cream, or go for a drive, plan those activities as rewards to be had when a certain amount of work has been completed. Creating a motivation for accomplishing tasks not only makes you more likely to finish those said tasks, but it also generally makes the treat you get afterwards extra enjoyable.
  3. Once you’ve completed the previous steps, taking the final exams will be a much less daunting experience. If you think about it, it’s sort of like having a competition with yourself. You’ve been in class for months, completing assignments along the way, and now you are facing your final test of knowledge. When considering all the time and money you have invested in your courses, you almost can’t help but to strive to do the best you possibly can. It’s much more fun to view final exams as races against yourself. However, don’t race the clock unless you’re getting crunched for time; slow and steady wins the race. It’s comparable to sloth power-lifting weights if that sloth had been conditioning for four months straight.
  4. Finally, you get to celebrate afterwards. Whether that looks like recovering on the couch for a few days, taking a vacation, or going home to your family, it’s important to bask in the glory of a job well done. As Donna from Parks and Recreation once said, “Treat yo self!”

Though it may not be the most glamorous time of the school year, finals week can offer exhilaration to those who are willing to be open to its gifts. During the process, you can grow as a student, as a thinker, and as a treat-yo-selfer.

Written by Karoline

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