Why College Is Awesome: A Blog By Yours Truly

After one whole year of college, I think we can all agree that I am, indeed, an expert on all things higher education. And because I am so kind and generous, I will bestow my wealth of knowledge onto you, dear reader. You’re welcome. Let it never be said that I was unwilling to help my underlings. Let us proceed, henceforth and so on and such which and heretofore and what have you, etc., with a list of ten awesome things I’ve noticed about my DBU experience.

  1. Studying the subjects I want to study is so much fun. I’ve learned so much in my classes so far that I can’t even imagine what kind of knowledge I’ll have once I graduate. Sure, I have to take some general education classes that I’m not really interested in so I can complete my degree plan, but I find I learn useful information even in those classes.
  2. The freedom to do (almost) whatever I want is really cool. Even though I know I should probably go to all my classes so that I don’t risk falling behind on the information discussed that day, it’s fun to know that I can skip all my classes one morning and sleep in if I so choose.
  3. Having responsibility over my life rules. I hear all the time about how people my age don’t want to be adults or don’t think they can handle all the hard responsibilities that come along with adulthood, but I for one enjoy being an adult. I like knowing that I’m capable of going to my job every day, paying rent on my apartment, doing my own laundry, and going grocery shopping. It’s empowering to know that I’m growing up and maturing.
  4. My professors all give me a syllabus for class. I like knowing exactly what I’m getting myself into in terms of classwork, and having a detailed plan of assignments and their due dates given to me on the first day of a class allows me plenty of time to get intimidated and drop the class for an easier one. (Just kidding: no class has been that intimidating. Yet.)
  5. I feel prepared to do all of my assignments. Though some of them have seemed impossible, or maybe just super difficult, I know that I’ve already been taught what I need to know. And if I have questions, there is always someone to ask—like the DBU Writing Center! I never feel like I’m stuck, alone, drowning in work I have no idea how to do.
  6. Doing volunteer hours for my scholarships is rewarding. I spend a lot of my free time directing the lighting for my church. I thought at first that required volunteering would be a chore, but my church is honestly one of my favorite organizations I’ve ever had the opportunity to get involved with. Volunteering isn’t a chore for me because I’m passionate about the work I get to do, from programming and operating a bunch of fancy lighting fixtures to talking and planning with the awesome people I work with.
  7. The DBU community is close-knit. At such a small school, I can’t go anywhere on campus without running into someone I know. In fact, I’m often late to classes because I get caught up talking with a friend on the sidewalk. It’s nice to see friendly, familiar faces everywhere I look.
  8. I get to live with my friends. A lot of the time, I feel like I’m a little kid at a never-ending sleepover. My roommates and I all have fun together and we all love each other.
  9. The campus is beautiful. This summer, I had two friends from Oklahoma come spend the weekend with me here at DBU, and they marveled at the majesty of the magnificent masterpiece I get to see every day. I sometimes forget how beautiful my surroundings are, but taking pictures in all the different photo-op spots with those two friends was a neat reminder of this.
  10. The people here are super cool. The faculty and staff, students, and friends I’ve had the pleasure of meeting are some of the most positive, affirming, loving people I’ve met anywhere.


Obviously, as a college expert, I could continue giving reasons why DBU is one grand university experience, but I’ll stop for now so that you readers aren’t overwhelmed. Seriously, though, be encouraged. College is fun. Have fun doing everything you do.

Written with all sarcastic seriousness by Becca

Image credits: DBU Entrance, smiley face


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