Do Not Break Down!

It is the start of another school year, which means it is also the time where students across the nation collectively share their frustrations through memes, GIFs, and tweets. It is time to replace relaxing vacations with piles upon piles of assignments; it can easily become depressing. We dive into panic mode and begin to ask why summer goes by so fast, will I survive another year, and is school even worth it?

Those of us who choose to pursue higher education must ultimately realize that its purpose is to propel us toward the future we desire to live out. However, it is also so easy to get discouraged and to despair at the very sight of back-to-school commercials. Do not panic! Do not break down! Here are some tips that will help you stay encouraged throughout the school year.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

If you studied longer than you usually do, did well on an exam, or finished that paper that has been taking you forever to write, take time to celebrate it! Go somewhere nice with your friends or stay-in to enjoy your favorite shows and movies. Making a habit of celebrating the little things can be a great source of motivation and encouragement throughout the school year.

Spend Some Time Shadowing or Interning

Spending time learning from people who are currently leading careers that you are interested in gives you a clear idea of what your life might be like once you have completed your education. It can help you get into the right mindset and realize how important your education is to your future, one assignment at a time. It can also encourage you to work harder and not give up on yourself, no matter how hard it gets, because the end result is so worth it!

Find a Study Buddy or Join a Study Group

Studying by yourself can easily become cumbersome, tiring, and sometimes even boring. Surrounding yourself with people that are motivated and willing to grow, however, can help you achieve your academic goals as well as boost your confidence. It gives you an opportunity to learn from different people and different perspectives.

Stay in Touch with Spiritual Role Models in Your Life

Aside from the stress that comes with school, personal and family matters can sometimes negatively affect students’ academic performance. It is extremely important that you have someone to talk to and to glean wisdom from in difficult times. Whether it is a campus counselor, a family member, or a pastor, find someone who has been faithful in their Christian walk and confide in them in times of need.

School can be extremely stressful, but it can also be delightful. In the middle of all the stress and anxiety, remember to appreciate the new friendships, memories, and learning experience each school year brings; it all contributes to the person you are becoming. Embrace the stress but indulge in self-care too!  Welcome back Pats! Let’s have a great year!

Written by Kenean

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