To Meme or Not to Meme

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t enjoy a good meme. No matter what age, nationality, or perspective on life you have, memes speak to everyone. Commonly, when you think of a meme, you think of a random picture with a caption that fits just perfectly. It’s one of the best forms of communication, in my opinion.

challenge accepted

Being the meme connoisseur that I am, I had challengers who thought that they could win in a meme war against me. To show my wits to these challengers, I wanted to know where the term “meme” came from. Originally, the term is a shortened version of the word “mimeme,” a concept coined by Richard Dawkins, an English evolutionary biologist, who proposed the idea

“[w]hat if ideas were like organisms … They begin from a single location—the brain—and spread outward, jumping from one vessel to another, battling for attention” (Scarbrough). Dawkins argues that all life relies on replication, or memory, which is why the term relates well to the internet sensations we know now. Internet memes are an imitation of memories and pictorially depict reactions, which is why memes go viral. In Scarborough’s article, Dawkins says that some ideas become more successful than others, just like certain memes get more publicity than others. Especially in our social-media society, there is always someone posting, tweeting, blogging, or participating in whatever form of sharing s/he accesses. It’s human nature to react to it whether it be in a positive or negative way.


A meme is usually funny, so, if the comment was funny and you don’t want to necessarily reply back in a “rude” way because the words you type don’t always portray what you really want them to, a meme is a picture that can inflict an emotion/memory better. They can jog your mind to remind you how you were feeling when you first saw it. I don’t want to be arrogant, but my meme repertoire is pretty strong. I have a reaction for almost everything. It started as a way to respond to people when I didn’t feel like typing, and as it became more popular in social media, people unknowingly fed my budding habit which leads me to the self-proclaimed title of “meme queen.”

Social media has definitely influenced the meme era. In fact, the millennium generation has made a calendar that shows which meme was used most during each month. Once a meme goes viral, you’ll notice it being used for everything: celebrities making faces at an award show, a Vine snapshot, or a great catch by a football player that seems too good to be true. It can be lavish like someone adding seasoning to food in the fanciest way possible, or a reference about any exaggerated post, or as simple as a little girl smiling awkwardly resulting in memes referencing uncomfortable, awkward situations. Anything can be coined as a meme at any time, no matter how simple or mainstream you think it is. One does not simply meme and be great. It takes practice and dedication for a “meming” career path and to reach a level of extraordinary frivolousness.

kanye approves

Scarbrough, Jenna. “What is the origin of the word ‘meme’?”. Mental Floss. 07 March 2005. Accessed “05 April 2017”.

Written by Celeste

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10 Survival Tips for College Freshmen

I’ve been in college for all of five weeks, so I’m pretty much an expert now. Yet even in my limited time, I’ve gained some insights into which habits help me thrive and which ones make me prone to breakdown in front of a Disney movie, scribbling away my sorrows in a coloring book. (Target has coloring books for two dollars…but you didn’t hear that from me.)

1: Nap whenever possible.

But always, always set an alarm. It’s cute how you think you won’t fall asleep for more than twenty minutes. Ha!

2: Eat Grab and Go Food

Those pre-packaged sandwiches and salads by the door of the cafeteria? Yeah, you aren’t above them. Try it next time you need to eat lunch in a hurry. You’ll more than likely never go back to the dark side.

3: Coffee.

Who are we? Students! What are we? Tired! What do we need in an IV right now? Coffee! If you aren’t a coffee drinker, become one. Personally, I don’t believe that tea cuts the mustard, but you may certainly try it. *pats head*

4: Take dat shuttle.

You’re not too cool for the shuttle. I know that when school first starts, we’re all forming huddle circles, chanting about our mutual determination to not gain the freshmen fifteen. But walking across campus five times a day with thirty pounds of books on your back gets real old real fast. Who knows? The shuttle drivers could become your best friends. They’re usually pretty nice people when they don’t almost close the sliding door against your backpack on your way out.

5: Look pitiful in order to score rides

I don’t know about you, but at my university, all freshmen are required to park their cars at the bottom of the hill, near the entrance. Meanwhile, our dorms are up the giant, steep hill. And lemme tell ya, coming back to campus on a Sunday night and trying to walk up the dark hill while carrying your laundry and your books, isn’t the jolliest thing I’ve ever done. At times, upperclassmen are kind enough to offer rides in their snazzy vehicles that get to park wherever they choose. Yet in order to ensure a ride, I would recommend walking with a hunched back, drooping your shoulders, and dragging your feet. If possible, play the sad Charlie Brown theme as you walk.

6: Nap

Oh, did I mention napping? It’s worth repeating: Nap!

7: Get a Planner

Get ready, this is an actual piece of advice. Your phone won’t cut it. What if you lose it, or it dies at a crucial moment when you need a reminder? It’s time to go back to the primitive ages of pen and paper.

8: Find an Outlet to Keep Sane

I’m currently watching Parks and Rec for the second time whenever I need to wind down. And you know what? I appreciate it much more this time around. Sometimes, all you need is a laugh to remind that you are indeed a human, and not a studying robot. Go rest in a hammock, look at the stars, watch Netflix. Whatever your relaxation method is, allot a small amount of time for it every day.

9: Don’t, spend, your, money!

What’s a savings account? I don’t know anymore, cause it’s practically all gone *sobs*. The other day, I unashamedly washed out of my coffee cup with Sauve shampoo…listen, we didn’t have any dish soap, and I’m pretty sure it got the job done. See? Frugality encourages creativity.

10: And Finally…

Don’t forget to nap. 😉

I don’t want to be cheesy, but I do want to wish you gouda luck with the rest of your semester. We’re all in this together!

Written by Karoline

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